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11 December 2021 - 7 February 2022

Frank Checketts, an Auckland based potter and theatre set designer with strong southern connections, passed away in June last year and left the Eastern Southland Gallery a collection of 51 works by leading New Zealand potters. Frank Checketts studied ceramics in the Art Department at Otago Polytechnic 1975–1976 and he was a founding member of The Moray Place Studio in Central Dunedin. He later moved to Invercargill where he tutored in the Art and Community Studies Department of Southland Community College (now SIT), and exhibited in numerous local exhibitions. In 2006 Checketts moved to Auckland where he joined Auckland Studio Potters and took up a position as set builder for New Zealand Opera. This collection significantly strengthens our holdings of New Zealand ceramics and so we are delighted to showcase a selection of works from the collection. Potters represented in the gift from the Checketts Estate include John Parker, Peter Lange, Merilyn Wiseman, Peter Collis and collaborative works involving well-known sculptor Terry Stringer

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