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Peter Roche, Untitled, 2011, lithograph


Lithographs from the Permanent Collection
12 May - 29 July 2018

Lithography literally means to write or draw on stone. Lithographic lime-stones are large, perfectly flat surfaces that artists love to work on. Using a greasy crayon or liquid, an image can be applied to the smooth surface then chemically treated so that the artist’s work is bonded to the stone. This image is processed to attract ink and lithographs on fine art paper are then printed from the processed stone using a water-resist method and a special type of press. 


Nearly every major artist has made a lithograph at some point in their career, and often the studio they have used has been Muka of Grey Lynn, Auckland. The Eastern Southland Gallery’s long association with Frans and Magda from Muka has meant that we have a remarkable collection of works spanning the 30 + years of their operation. This selection will feature Pat Hanly, Seraphine Pick, Dick Frizzell, Julia Morison and many others.

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