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Works from the Collection

3 June - 30 July 2023

Flowers have inspired artists throughout history, from ancient Roman frescoes to Monet's water lilies. The botanical world has an endless variety of flowers – each with unique colour schemes, shapes and sizes that make them incredibly versatile subject matter for any artist. Either as a background detail or as the focal point, flowers are captivating symbols of life and beauty, and can represent a multitude of emotions and feelings - from love, passion and desire to purity, innocence or even death.

This exhibition features a selection of paintings portraying flowers from the Gallery's permanent collection. As opposed to botanical paintings where a specimen is depicted accurately and precisely in its colour, form and scale, these works are rendered in a less formal and precise manner. In most of these works the flowers are the star of the show. Featured are works by Shona McFarlane, Elizabeth Stevens, Joanna Paul, John Z Robinson and Kathleen Salmond. Many have been gifted or purchased with the support of local and national donors, including Jean Smith, the Latham Family, Des Smith and Ray Yallop, John Perry and the Gore Garden Club.

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