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Te Au Nui/Big Swirling Waters

3 August - 29 September 2024

Te Au Nui is an art project centered around the rich historical, cultural, and environmental tapestry surrounding the Mataura Falls, Te Au Nui (meaning big swirling waters). The project aims to delve into multifaceted layers of meaning and interconnectedness, offering a meditation on the falls’ past, present, and future.


At its core, Te Au Nui seeks to unravel the interplay between human interactions and the underlying rhythms of the natural world. It will investigate how industrial advancements and exploitative actions, epitomized by the 19th-century dynamiting of the falls, have shaped the ecological and cultural fabric of the region. By juxtaposing organic and mechanical qualities, the project aims to shed light on the delicate balance between progress and preservation, asking viewers to reflect on the implications of human intervention on our environment. The fusion of artistic processes, including painting and robotics, create incised lines and carved surfaces, which serve as metaphors for the enduring imprints of humanity on the landscape. 


Te Au Nui will be presented in conjunction with a collection of McLachlan’s previous tapestries, prints and drawings.

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