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The London Years

11 November 2023 – 21 January 2024

Edward Bullmore is considered to be one of New Zealand’s earliest Surrealist visual artists. Born and raised in Balfour, he began his artistic journey in Southland, before achieving a high level of success in Europe during the 1960’s. There his work was exhibited alongside Picasso, Magritte and Dali and he received positive reviews, making this period Bullmore’s most productive. On reflection, it was to be his artistic heyday. Upon his return to Aotearoa in late 1969, he never again had the same notoriety, and his unique style was never truly embraced within his home country. The London Years covers the 10-year period (1959-1969) when Bullmore was living in London and seeks to celebrate the largely unknown story of one of our own. The exhibition features a body of work on long term loan to the Invercargill Public Art Gallery from the Marshall family, as well as works from the Eastern Southland Gallery and Invercargill Public Art Gallery collections.

Edward Bullmore, Self Portrait, 1959, oil on canvas,
private collection of Jilly and Mikey Marshall

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