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Johnny Boy and The World Keeps Turning.j

Scott Eady, Johnny Boy, 2006, cast resin/clothing and The World Keeps Turning, 2006, inflatable

LARGE SCULPTURES FROM THE COLLECTION: Don Driver, Peter Nicholls and Scott Eady

14 April – 28 May 2017

This exhibition showcases the large scale works of three sculptors - Don Driver, Peter Nicholls and Scott Eady - from the Gallery’s permanent collection.  They are all large in scale but that’s where the similarities end.  


Scott Eady is a maker of objects that interrogate and confound the nature and value of objects, with recent work taking on a greater participatory dimension. Eady is currently based in Dunedin, and is Senior Lecturer of Sculpture at the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic. His work is represented in public and private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia and Russia.

Over the past few years Dunedin-based sculptor Peter Nicholls work has focussed on environmental issues.  Often horizontally aligned and ground hugging they address the arteries of the land, and are site specific and narrative, linking histories of place and involving a journey of discovery.  Peter Nicholls has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows since 1963.  He has numerous large-scale works in public and private collections both nationally and internationally. 


Don Driver (1930-2011) was one of New Zealand’s most senior and respected artists and is widely acclaimed as New Zealand’s master of assemblage art. He often used ‘found’ materials – the trappings of suburban or agricultural life, or objects discarded by our material society – but the mundane became mysterious, unsettling, provocative or humorous when he brought these objects together with his own artistic magic.

Don Driver is represented in most major public and private collections.


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