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Baltimore Artists from the John Money Collection
9 December 2017 – 19 February 2018

During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s John Money had commandeered an area within Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore to stage exhibitions by emerging local artists.  Many were under-graduate or post-graduate students from the Maryland Art Institute and he regularly purchased work from these shows.  Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s Money was also a regular attendee of exhibitions in the city and as a result he not only built up a large collection of artworks, but also a remarkable overview of the Baltimore art scene from that 30+ year period. However this was never a strategic collection; rather he simply liked supporting artists and assisting them at the early stages of their careers.   From Baltimore to Gore brings to light some significant treasures from Money’s 55 years in that city, and tracks the careers of some key artists including: May Wilson, Lowell Nesbitt, Liz Whitney Quisgard and Sally Hopkins.


Lowell Nesbitt, Bicentennial Hat Series No 6, 1975, lithograph

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