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Selected Portraits from the Collection
5 August – 10 September 2017

About Face brings together a selection of portraits by key New Zealand artists, from the Gallery’s permanent collection.  The exhibition explores the unique way in which artists see others, as well as the equally fascinating way in which they view and present themselves.  A good portrait succeeds in arousing our interest in the life and individuality of the sitter.  Much more than a mere likeness, it captures the unique character and essence of the subject.  The exhibition includes both historic and contemporary works, and comprises a number of self-portraits as well as depictions of others. Historical works include the meticulously rendered portrait “The Belle of Marken”, by Dutch realist painter Petrus van der Velden, as well as works by Grahame Sydney, Rita Angus, Rudolph Gopas, Simon Richardson, Els Noordhof and Jeffrey Harris.


Petrus van der Velden, The Belle of Marken, 1872, oil on board

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