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East Gore Art Centre Boosted Campaign: May - June 2019

An Arts Foundation of NZ funding initiative

Aimed exclusively at completing the final section of our East Gore Arts Centre/Muka Studio Stage 3 redevelopment, this initiative will be our main fundraising focus for the next few months and we hope to promote it as much as possible using our Gallery database, and those of Boosted and Muka. With the aid of a generous $10,000 donation from the Gore Host Lions Club, we are able to instigate a dollar-for-dollar online contribution target of $20,000. If we don’t reach that target we don’t receive any money If we meet or exceed the target then we receive everything gifted and pledged.


Hot on the heels of Stage 3 is Stage 4 and to date leading heritage architect Jeremy Salmond and our structural engineer Peter Stevenson have undertaken a full assessment of the old Church building and formulated a conservation and restoration plan. It appears that the historic host building for our proposed art education centre has been constructed in three stages, so this will help dictate our approach to the next major phase of our project.

CLICK HERE NOW to view the Boosted campaign and donate. Live from 1st May - 30 June. 
All donations towards reaching our target, big or small, are greatly received.



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