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Eion Stevens Image 7.JPG

Eion Stevens, Semaphore, 2006, oil on board


15 October – 11 December 2016

Eion Stevens graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts with Honours from Otago Polytechnic in 1973 then studied at the Exeter College of Art London. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand since 1981 and has his work in public and private collections around the country. Stevens is a consistent painter who has developed a number of images that he reuses and refines. His paintings are a curious mixture of semi-abstract forms and simply rendered figures and objects. Figurative elements are painted down to strong silhouettes. The abstract look comes from clearly defined areas of unmodulated colour which serve as sky, sea, land, walls, floors and so forth. Stevens' paintings have a serious contemplative mood letting the viewer decipher or not decipher the work for themselves. He is based in Christchurch.


This exhibition brings together a selection of Eion Stevens shaped paintings covering the period 2005-2016. It is a survey of a 12 year journey through one distinct component of his painting career.


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